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hi guys

well, I know that I haven’t really been writing any stories but I was at school and had nothing to do so i started to write a story and I might continue it later so here it goes:


As I walk obediently through the woods, I can feel his breath on the back of my neck.

“You better be a good girl and take me to it,” he says.

“Dont worry,” I stutter. “I’ll take you to it, just be patient.”

“I’m in no mood to be patient!” yelled the man. “I have waited too long already to be led the wrong direction by a stupid little girl!”

I say nothing because I am afraid they he might pull the trigger on the gun he has to my head. I continue leading him down the narrow beaten path to my old tree house, where the flash drive is. He wants it for some reason I can’t remember. I just recently got my memory back and all I can remember about the flash drive is that it is an important piece in the puzzle that will lead to the location of my father.


well i hope you liked it and i will try to write again soon.

For Lauren

This post is for you Lauren:

This is a kinda creepy story but i like it and i wrote it so ummmm
Yeah here it goes

The house was across the street, it hadnt moved the whole time i had been here and i was getting worried that i had picked the wrong house. It could be right behind me instead but if i looked now then the house might disappear i couldnt risk it. My orders were quite simple, find the moving house and kill the girl who comes out. I had found the moving or so i thought, it had taken me a while to gather enough information to prove my theory. My theory happened to be correct, this is the house of Sara. We had been friends for a short period of time when she changed sides. She deserted our group and now she would pay with her life
Just then the house moves, just bearly but enough for me to see, then Sara walks out onto the porch. She looks different i think to myself just as i feel a sharp pain on the back of my head and black out

Only One

since i had only one entree i am extending the due date of the ending of the story for the 26th of this month

so please comment an ending to my story

hello again

hello again

i know that i haven’t been on a lot but i have been busy so here is a short story :

So there was this cat and she really loved to play tennis, she would practice all summer long in the hot sun so that she would make the tryouts. The coach had been Mr. Pine for as long as she could remember so when she walked into tryouts that day she was super surprised to see a new coach, she couldn’t see his face, only his back. He was talking to the principle about making the tennis tryouts for all grades, not just the 7th and 8th. She sat on the bench with the other tennis players who were trying out and saw some promising cats. When the time for tryouts came, the coach turned around and all the cats gasped.

He was a dog!

As he looked at the cats he looked gleeful, ” it’s time for dinner, i mean tryouts my little kittens” he said

there were 35 cats trying out so it took a really long time to get through them all but once they were finished the coach said ” well now you all did really good ” (he says this even though all the cats tried to do their worst) “so” he continues ” I will let ALL of you play this year because I know how much you all want to make the team ” all the cats become nervous because as he said this he began to drool all down his shirt……..

maybe i will continue this story another time


all you guys should give me your own version of an ending so i can post the best one!

try to get them in by next week on tuesday the 14th

make them good

i won’t post any until the 14th so no one copies ideas

Let’s See How You Do….

Cat Sisters

both of my cats are from the same liter so they are basically sisters and they wrestle just like sisters but, they also love each other so here’s your proof

this was the first time that i have ever seen them both on the same level of the cat tower